New Releases

The Factory


Stranded in the middle of nowhere during a storm, a busload of strangers have no choice but to take shelter in a museum dedicated to serial killers.....

Format: DVD
Release Date: Mon 7th of July 2014

Ugly Benny - The Movie

Benny certainly wasn’t much to look at when he first arrived as a puppy on the doorstep of the pet store. Sam and Emma found him waiting there in a little box when they arrived for.....

Format: DVD
Release Date: Mon 30th of June 2014


Once in every generation, two female Warriors must travel across a post-apocalyptic land ruled by the malevolent Falonex Empire, to a mystical stone circle where they must fight a .....

Format: DVD
Release Date: Mon 26th of May 2014

The Pagan Queen

An historical epic about the end of the old Pagan world in Europe. Set in the historic Dark Ages PAGAN QUEEN is a fantasy that recreates the pagan culture and rituals in convincing.....

Format: DVD
Release Date: Mon 12th of May 2014

My Dog The Champion

Madison is a typical spoiled city teenager. She loves to text and hang out with her friends. When her mum is called back into military service, Madison is forced to stay with her G.....

Format: DVD
Release Date: Mon 21st of April 2014


In this compelling true story, charismatic Ward Allen (Jim Caviezel) turns his back on his plantation upbringing to make his living off the land. With his close company, freed slav.....

Format: DVD
Release Date: Mon 14th of April 2014

Fishing in the Footsteps of Mr Crabtree

If you love the heritage and history of fishing you’ll already know all about Mr. Crabtree. It’s likely that you refer to ‘Crabtree swims’, that you know what a ‘gentle’ is and tha.....

Format: 2 DVD
Release Date: Mon 24th of March 2014


In an attempt to rebuild his marriage after the death of his son, Matt Hollis ( Mark Harris) decides to take his wife and six year old daughter Lara on a trip of a lifetime to LA. .....

Format: DVD
Release Date: Mon 17th of March 2014

Dirty Money

One man, Isaac, leaves his old, seedy, gangster-filled lifestyle to start over with his family. After he re-locates to Los Angeles, it isn't long before the world of crime that he .....

Format: DVD
Release Date: Mon 10th of March 2014


Rage tells the story of Dennis Twist, a suburban 30-something year old man who on his day off from work heads downtown where he unintentionally provokes the wrath of a mysterious a.....

Format: DVD
Release Date: Mon 17th of February 2014

Iron Sky: Dictator's Cut - Limited Edition Embossed Steelbook

In 1945 the Nazis flew to the Dark Side of the Moon, and established a secret hideout, where they’ve been preparing for their grand return. The year is 2018, and the Americans retu.....

Format: Blu-ray
Release Date: Mon 10th of February 2014

The Amityville Asylum

Lisa Templeton begins a new job as a cleaner at High Hopes Hospital, a mental institution in Amityville, Long Island. Initially delighted to get the job, Lisa soon realises that al.....

Format: DVD
Release Date: Mon 10th of February 2014

Our Wild Hearts

Willow (Cambrie Schroder), a strong, beautiful, independent minded young girl, is obsessed with the idea of meeting the father she never knew. She leaves her cushy life in Malibu t.....

Format: DVD
Release Date: Mon 27th of January 2014

Monika: A Wrong Way To Die

A violent, edgy ride focusing on the forlorn Reagan Tyler, a man who is troubled by visions and premonitions that ultimately lead him to Las Vegas. It's there that Reagan meets the.....

Format: DVD
Release Date: Mon 20th of January 2014