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ARATA FURUTA as Namio Haru Profile

Born in 1965, Hyogo prefecture.

Filmography: Komori Seikatsu Kojo Club (Directed by Kazutaka Katashima / 2008), Kung Fu Kid (Directed by Issei Oda / 2008), Apartment 1303 (Directed by Ataru Oikawa / 2007), Hero (Directed by Masayuki Suzuki / 2007), Dog in a Sidecar (Directed by Kichitaro Negishi / 2007), Cain's Descendant (Directed by Shutaro Oku / 2007), Yokina Gang ga Chikyu wo Mawasu (Directed by Tetsu Maeda / 2006), Kisarazu Cat's Eye: World Series (Directed by Fuminori Kaneko / 2006)


National superstar singer Namio Haru sings the theme song for the Expo 2015, acting as Friend's spokesperson ...but it turns out that he has a secret identity.

He used to be the drummer in Kenji's band.

ARATA FURUTA as Namio Haru Interview

About Chapter Two:

I appreciate being chosen to play this part apparently because of my similarity to my counterpart in manga series. When I was first approached about the role, I couldn't help laughing to myself though (laughs). Eyes are the most crucial point in the resemblance. Also important are slightly elevated inner corners of my eyelids and inner corners of the mouth. I collected the posters of Haruo Minami (an enka star on whom his character was based) and studied his singing choreography. Enka's trademark choreography involves making a fist and spinning it. When I sing rock songs, I always make a fist anyway so it was easy to imitate. I think rock'n'roll and enka have a similar vibe. When we shot the concert scene in Niigata, extras learned The Hello Hello Expo Song choreography and danced along. I loved the experience.

ARATA FURUTA as Namio Haru About Chapter Three:

In Chapter 2, I was an Enka Ballad singer. In this movie you'll see me as the drummer of a rock band, The Million Dollars. I practised the drums with a coach in the studio. If I were to play a string instrument, I could have missed a beat here and there and it wouldn't have been so noticeable. But with the drums, if I played out of rhythm, I was dead! I used to play the bass in a band so I should have played the bass and Yukihiro Takahashi should have played the drums instead (laughs)! The live performance scene was passionate and exciting. I enjoyed the scene at Billy's yakitori joint, too. It was kind of surreal.

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ARATA FURUTA as Namio Haru