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thCB2and3DigiNaoki Urasawa's 20th Century Boys, the manga series that sold 28 million copies and is published in 13 countries. For the film adaptation of the best selling manga, a production and promotion of unprecedented scale went into operation!

It became the first ever movie in the history of Japanese cinema to be slated as a trilogy. Boasting a budget of 6 billion yen with a cast of over 300 stars and a year of principal photography.

The press conference was held at the Salle des États in the Louvre Museum before its French premiere. Plus a Tower of the Sun event at the Expo 1970 park.

20th Century Boys - Chapter 1 opened in August 30, 2008 grossing 4 billion yen domestically, attracting 3 million moviegoers. Chapter 2 opened in January 31, 2009 and topped the box office record as soon as it appeared in cinemas.

Now the final chapter arrives, with the answers to all the mysteries!

SynopsisIt is the Third year of Friend, or 2017 on the old calendar. Friend, now the World President, governs the world. The virus-plagued Tokyo is now isolated from the rest of the world with towering walls and oppressive surveillance. Friend gives another prophecy, "At noon on August 20th, mankind will be terminated by aliens. Only those who believe me shall survive."


In the meantime the Secret Base friends are fugitives who are active with the underground. Yoshitsune leads a resistance group called the Genji Faction. Kanna left Yoshitsune to form a more militant group in preparation for an armed revolt. Kanna is determined to go ahead with her radical activities, despite the concerns of her surrogate mother, Yukiji.

Maruo now works incognito as manager to national superstar singer Namio Haru. First he finds Kiriko and then Keroyon, a classmate who's been missing since the class reunion.

Otcho sneaks into Tokyo and finds Kanna. Kanna's reckless plan to hunt down Friend with an army of armed Tokyo residents, would leave nobody alive. In an attempt to stop Kanna, Otcho gets a radio station to play Kenji's new song.

On the outside of the wall dividing Tokyo from the world, a man tries to break down the maximum security border patrol station. He has a guitar with him. He calls himself Joe Yabuki. And he mumbles, "I'm going to see Kanna"

Is Kenji alive?

What is Friend's last scheme for August 20?

What is Friend's true identity?

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