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thCB2and3DigiOn August 30, 2008, 20th Century Boys - Chapter 1: Beginning of the End opened nation-wide in Japan. Fans of the manga series were not the only ones who swarmed the theatres. The movie attracted a wide ranged audience from children to the elderly, becoming an instant mega-hit, beating its competitors in its first 2 weekends at the box office. 42 companies from 34 countries fought for the distribution rights. It became the first movie to hold a press conference at the Louvre Museum in Paris.

Before the heat of Chapter 1 had cooled down, Chapter 2 arrived.

Now the story is set in 2015 in a dystopia ruled by Friend. Kenji has been missing in action since Bloody New Year's Eve in 2000. His niece Kanna is now at high school. As the Secret Base gang, Otcho, Yukiji, Yoshitsune and Maruo all try to find out the truth about Friend, they discover the shocking existence of The New Book of Prophecies, the sequel to The Book of Prophecies!

Etsushi Toyokawa, Takako Tokiwa, Teruyuki Kagawa, Hidehiko Ishizuka and Hitomi Kuroki and others appear again in the characters they played in the first chapter. Added to the cast of stars are Yusuke Santamaria as Sadakiyo, Naohito Fujiki as Chono, Arata Furuta as Namio Haru, Eiko Koike as Takasu to name a few.

For the character of Kanna, dubbed as the Last Hope and the Chosen One in the movie, Airi Taira was chosen over many rivals at the audition. Her determination helped her win the pivotal role in the blockbuster event movie.

Takashi Nagasaki and Yusuke Watanabe wrote the screenplay for the first chapter reprise their role for this chapter. Naoki Urasawa joined the writing team as a story consultant to adapt his own creation for the movie. 20th Century Boys - Chapter 2 is a story based on a dramatic revelation that is central to the grand saga. It takes a narrative detour from the manga series and is even more different than the first chapter. You'll witness 20th Century Boys as it is never been seen before.


15 years have passed since Bloody New Years Eve and now it's 2015. People believe that Kenji Endo and his friends were the satanic terrorists behind the horrific act that took place in 2000, the scheme to end humanity using a virus spitting gigantic robot. Friend, on the other hand, is worshipped as the saviour who stopped the doomsday plan. Friend now spreads the oracle that the end is coming and salvation will come only to those who believe in him and stay with him.

Kanna, Kenji's niece is now in high school. As Kenji is missing, Yukiji has become her surrogate mother. History textbooks tell a fabricated account of Bloody New Year's Eve and Kanna openly resents it as she knows the truth.

Britney, a transvestite who has come to know an important secret about Friend is marked for murder. Kanna provides refuge for Britney. As the police continue their search for Britney, Kanna meets rookie detective Chono, who starts to trust and help Kanna.

At school Kanna's teacher tags her as a problem child for her anti-Friend behaviour and she's sent away on a Friend Land program. Friend Land is a facility where people with anti-social behaviour are re-educated. Kanna and her classmate Kyoko Koizumi start their program. As the top two contestants they are sent to the advanced program called the Bonus Stage. It's a virtual reconstruction of 1971, when Kenji and his friends were children. Events lead Kanna to a school lab and Koizumi to a school roof, where they learn crucial secrets about Friend.

The surviving Secret Base members have been separated since Bloody New Year's Eve. But each has spent those 15 years in various activities opposing Friend and his regime. Otcho has been imprisoned in Umihotaru Prison, but he breaks out. Yoshitsune now leads an underground group of people against Friend. Maruo aids an important person, waiting for the right time to act against Friend. Mon-chan's investigations lead to him finding out about The New Book of Prophecies.

As Yamane and Sadakiyo respectively provide more information about Friend's secrets the gang learns more about crucial events in their childhood...and the ultimate mystery; Who is Friend?

Friend visits Kabuki-cho, Shinjuku, known as the worst crime area in the world, for an inspection. And at the same time, Kanna is at a church in Kabuki-cho.

The New Book of Prophecies describes the event, "In 2015 at a church in Shinjuku, a saviour will rise to uphold justice and be struck down by an assassin."

Who is the saviour? Again doomsday looms near...

1999, 2006 Naoki Urasawa, Studio Nuts, Shogakukan 2008-2009 “20th Century Boys” Film Partners 2008-2010 4Digital Media

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