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EIKO KOIKE as Takasu Profile

Born in 1980, Tokyo.

Filmography: Paco and the Magical Book (Directed by Tetsuya Nakashima / 2008), The Kiss (Directed by Kunitoshi Manda / 2008), Otoko wa sore wo gaman dekinai (Directed by Mitsuo Shindo / 2006), Yaji and Kita: The Midnight Pilgrims (Directed by Kankuro Kudo / 2005), Inu Neko (Directed by Nami Iguchi / 2004), 2LDK (Directed by Yukihiko Tsutsumi / 2003), Renai Shashin (Directed by Yukihiko Tsutsumi / 2003), Copycat Killer (Directed by Yoshimitsu Morita / 2002)


One of Friend's henchmen, Takasu functions as a supervising director at Friend Land, a re-educational facility for anti-Friendists. Extremely enthusiastic in her duty, Takasu keeps a watchful eye on Kanna and Kyoko Koizumi. In 2017 she is more loyal than ever to Friend, now the World President.


About Chapter Two:

All the actors are made to look exactly the same as the manga series counterparts they play, except me. I was told not even to bother to have my hair look similar so I was very nervous to play this role. I intended on speaking in a low voice and playing it cool, but the director told me to play the part with an intensity and speak with such energy that my voice becomes falsetto... I hope my Takasu is an acceptable version of the manga series counterpart. Between takes, the guys who played the Dream Navigators practised their signature "Thank you!" calls and their moves in perfect unison. They were perfectly synchronised with each other and I enjoyed playing the leader, giving orders to them.

EIKO KOIKE as Takasu About Chapter Three:

In the second movie my character was kind of distant and wore no makeup. But in this movie she has a little eye makeup, accentuating her femininity. There are action scenes in this movie which I really enjoyed shooting. I get thrown by Yukiji in a shoulder throw. It seems more likely that I'd throw her because she is small and slim, not like me (laughs)...! In that scene the director asked for highly charged performances and actually told me to "speak so loud you hyperventilate!" I put a lot into that scene but I also tried to show my character's doubt for her life choices that she's in denial of.

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EIKO KOIKE as Takasu