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FUMIYO KOHINATA as YamaneProfile

Fumiyo Kohinata was born in Hokkaido, Japan in 1954. In 1977 he became a member of a theater company called On Theater Jiyu Gekijo(Freedom Theater) until the company folded in 1996. In this company he starred in "Hamlet" among many other stage productions. Since then he has appeared on TV, in movies and other stage productions.

Fumiyo Kohinata's other film appearances include, Masayuki Suzuki 's Hero (2007); Masayuki Suo's "Soredemo Bokuwa Yattenai / I Just Didn't Do It" (2007); Takashi Yamazaki's "Always, Zoku Sanchome no Yuhe / Always: Sunset on the Third Street 2" (2007); Shin Togashi's "Ano so ra o Oboeteiru / I Remember the Sky" (2008); Koki Mitani's "Za Majikku Awa / The Magic Hour" (2008); Shinobu Yaguchi's "Happi Furaito / Happy Flight" (2008) and Junichi Mori's Gravity Clown (2009),


Yamane belonged to a separate clique from Kenji and his friends. He and his friends secretly wrote The New Book of Prophecy as a challenge to Kenji's The Book of Prophecy. He grew up to be a research scientist and worked with Kiriko in a virological lab. In 2015 he is CEO of a rapidly growing pharmaceutical corporation, Daifukudo Pharmaceuticals.

FUMIYO KOHINATA as YamaneInterview

When I was performing in the stage production, "Okepi (Orchestra Pit)", we all read "20th Century Boys" manga in the green room. I read it, and found it interesting but also chilling. Chilling, not like in a ghost story but because of the uncertainty of the future and the dread of people's fate. My character Yamane appears as a child and as an adult after the year 2000 in the manga. But in the movie Yamane is in 1997, too. I had a wig on to look younger. You'd better pay attention or you might miss me!

About Chapter Two:

"My character only appeared briefly in the class reunion scene in the first chapter. But in this movie he has scenes that leave a bigger impression on the audience. He's so intelligent that he's probably a genius but he's pitiful. He's a science geek and incapable of adapting to the world. Personally I'm much more drawn to a person like Yamane. Though my scenes are depicted differently from the comic series, I really like the climactic scene my character appears in. I hope you'll enjoy decoding the nuance of my portrayal of Yamane. I also really enjoyed the scene with Kiriko who was played by Hitomi Kuroki. Her performance in the scene was so uncompromising in its intensity that it was very stimulating."


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