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HARUKA KINAMI as Kyoko Koizumi Profile

Born in 1985, Osaka.

Filmography: Zoo Seven Rooms (Directed by Masaki Adachi / 2005), Zenigeba (TV drama / NTV), Doremi no TV (NHK), Kaze no Haruka (TV drama / NHK), Dandori -Dance Drill (TV drama / CX), Asakusa Fukumaru Ryokan 2 (TV drama / TBS)


A regular high school girl who's a groupie for the rock band Eloim Essaims. But her life turns upside down when she meets Kanna and becomes involved in the Friend conspiracy. In 2017 she's under Kamisama's protection.


About Chapter Two:

"Even before I was cast as Kyoko Koizumi, my friends used to tell me that I looked like a character straight out of Urasawa manga books. It was very easy for me to play Kyoko. It doesn't mean that I always behave like her though (laughs)! I studied the manga series closely and perfected Kyoko's exaggerated mannerisms. I think Kyoko is a girl who doesn't really think much. That's why she is quite unaffected even when something terrible happens to her. So I had to seem disengaged when I performed which was sometimes difficult. In the serious scene between Kanna and Sadakiyo, I was so emotionally involved that I almost cried but I had to hold back my tears."

HARUKA KINAMI as Kyoko Koizumi About Chapter Three:

"Out of all the scenes in the final chapter, the live performance scene left the strongest impression on me. I was so overwhelmed by the extras' enthusiasm; I couldn't help but cry...though it's so out of Kyoko Koizumi's character. Whenever you see me with my back on the camera, I'm crying (laughs). Look for the shot where my character's munching on corned beef! As for the conclusion everybody is talking about, I think the ending has a depth that allows for multiple interpretations."

1999, 2006 Naoki Urasawa, Studio Nuts, Shogakukan 2008-2009 “20th Century Boys” Film Partners 2008-2010 4Digital Media

HARUKA KINAMI as Kyoko Koizumi