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Hidehiko Ishizuka was born in 1962 in Kanagawa, Japan. He is one of the comic duo, Honjamaka. Besides his comic performances he is often seen on TV. He was in the variety show, "Tokyo Friend Park", "Melenge no kimochi / How Melenge Feels", and many other shows.

Hidehiko Ishizuka's other film appearances include, Hikaru Ijuin's "Fat Man Brothers" (1995); Peter Docter, Lee Unkrich & David Silverman's "Monsters, Inc."  (Voice Artist); Tensai Okamura's "Naruto / Naruto the movie" as Princess Yuki's Ninja Scroll (Voice Artist ) (2004); Roger Allers, Jill Culton and Anthony Stacchi's "Open Season" (Voice Artist) (2006).


Maruo is one of the Secret Base friends. He fought Friend on Bloody New Year's Eve with Kenji. In 2015 he is Namio Haru's manager and is waiting for the chance to fight Friend again.


HIDEHIKO ISHIZUKA as MaruoIn variety shows [which I do a lot of] I tend to be the one who gives the punch lines and gets the laughs. In movies, I concentrate on the emotions of the scene and nothing else. During a scene, the director would give me something to nibble on that always helped make the filming more relaxing. It was very helpful for me. The most memorable scene for me was the one when Kenji visits my Fancy Shop. I heard that the scene was written for the movie. Our performances went really well, it was as if a muse had come down and touched me on my shoulder.

About Chapter Two:

The movie takes place 15 years after the first chapter. The Secret Base gang looks much older. Maruo's appearance has changed, too, but for some reason I didn't wear makeup to age me. It made me question why they didn't think it was necessary. But dark glasses made me look exactly like Maruo in the manga series, so I felt fine. The most memorable experience for me on Chapter 2 is the Namio Haru's concert scene on Niigata location. We went to Niigata because the scene called for a snowy landscape. But I was shot against a wall without any windows so the snow couldn't even be seen outside. When I look back on that, I wonder if it could have been shot in a studio in Tokyo after all (laughs)!

About Chapter Three:

Maruo's character is very close to my own. In Chapter 1, Maruo jokes around trying to keep things light and that's how I am when I'm working. In the final chapter, years have passed and Maruo has become harder and more serious. I don't usually get to be like that on a job, I'm usually the one who's smiling. But once I get home from work I'm more serious. In this movie, my character never takes off his dark glasses. As a TV personality I'm expected to expose my face as much as possible but not here (laughs). This is the first time I really had to do what a real actor does. I had to act and my skills as a comic weren't utilised at all. It was a unique experience.


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