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ProfileHITOMI KUROKI as Kiriko

Hitomi Kuroki was born in Fukuoka. After leaving The Takarazuka Music Academy in 1985, she made movie appearances and performed on the stage and on TV. She won the Most Outstanding Performance by an Actress in a Leading Role at Japan Academy Awards for "Shitsurtakuen / Lost Paradise".

Hitomi Kuroki's other film appearances include, Yoichi Higashi's Keshin (1986); Yasuo Furuhata's Kura (1995); Yoshimitsu Morita's Lost Paradise (1997); Nobuhiko Obayashi's Sada (1998); Satoshi Isaka's "Hasen no Marisu / The Frame" (2002); Hideo Nakata's "Honogurai Mizuno Sokokara / Dark Water" (2002); Yoshimitsu Morita's "Ashura no Gotoku / Like Asura" (2003); Takashi Minamoto's "Tokyo Tower" (2005); Hideo Nakata's "Kaidan" (2007); and Masato Harada's The Shadow Spirit (2007)


Kiriko is Kenji's sister. Immediately after she had Kanna, she left her with Kenji and disappeared. The father of Kanna isn't disclosed. She became a research scientist after disappearing to do virus research...


I couldn't stop reading the whole 24 volumes of the original manga because I was so intrigued by the story! It's not just for boys. Women would also find the story engaging if they read it. My character is Kenji's elder sister and baby Kanna's mother. It's a very important role. Kiriko's character regrets the choices she's made but she's also a very responsible person who wants to correct the things that she's caused to go wrong. All the scenes involving my character are serious but I'm very happy to work with a director who tries so hard to make a good movie for the audience.

HITOMI KUROKI as KirikoAbout Chapter Two:

"Playing the character of Kiriko again in this movie made me realise that she's never happy, she's always tragic and on the edge (laughs). In this movie, she's especially sad and tragic when she learns that the path she's chosen has brought horrible consequences. She always has Kanna on her mind and wonders what she can do for her. This movie is as entertaining as the first chapter. I hope you enjoy it just as much."

About Chapter Three:

"After playing my character for the duration of three movies, I think I got very close to Kiriko. She aged quite a lot since the first movie and in the last movie she is about 60. My makeup was incredibly convincing. The quality of the makeup is just so superb! My character wanted to redeem herself. She feels guilty because she left her baby in her family's care. She also helped develop the virus that changed the course of the world. So she fights Friend at the cost of her life. The scene in which she conducts a vaccination experiment on herself is a climatic moment for my character. It was exhilarating to perform Kiriko with her courage and integrity. I hope the audience can feels the passion Kiriko holds in her heart."


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