Cats and Crew 20th Century Boys


Born in 1961, Miyazaki prefecture.

Filmography: Yatterman (Directed by Takashi Miike / 2009), Mina no Ie (Directed by Koki Mitani / 2001), Jiten Shonen (Directed by Yoshihiro Fukagawa / 2003)
*Participated in many films as a voice cast


One of the Secret Base gang, Konchi moved to Hokkaido in the middle of the school year and lost contact with Kenji and the others. In 2017 he has his personal radio station and plays Kenji's song, Bob Lennon, the Goo ta-la-la, Soo da-la-la version.


About Chapter Three:

The final chapter of the trilogy is both philosophical and touching, maybe more so than the original manga. To play the part of Konchi I had both my eyebrows shaved at one edge and lowered them with my facial muscles. I also lowered the corners of my mouth as much as humanly possible to replicate Konchi's appearance in the original manga. Teruyuki Kagawa and Takako Tokiwa told me that I looked exactly like him so I was happy. It was exciting to perform in the concert scene in front of all those extras. The scenes with Masao Tamura at the abandoned factory were also exhilarating, with the helicopter and all. That's what big budget moviemaking's about!


1999, 2006 Naoki Urasawa, Studio Nuts, Shogakukan 2008-2009 “20th Century Boys” Film Partners 2008-2010 4Digital Media

KOICHI YAMADERA as Konchi (Yuichi