Cats and Crew 20th Century Boys


I've been feeling excited ever since the production of the movie was officially announced. Everybody tells me that I'm perfect for the role of Fukube. It makes me wonder what they really mean (laughs)... I've worked with the director many times before and one of the things I always enjoy is how he adds interesting things for the actors to do and say before a take. He does the same in this movie, but he doesn't do it with me. I don't get to add anything! It's a bit of a disappointment for me (laughs).


Kuranosuke Sasaki was born in 1968 in Kyoto, Japan. After joining a theater company Wakusei Pisutachio(Planet KURANOSUKE SASAKI as FukubePistachio), he started to be seen on TV, in movies and on the stage. Currently he's in Monster Parents, a hit TV drama.

Kuranosuke Sasaki's other film appearances include, Yukihiko Tsutsumi's "Jam Films (Hijiki)" (2002); Yoshimitsu Morita's "Mamiya Kyodai / The Mamiya Brothers" (2006); Yasuo Furuhata's "Tsukigami / The Haunted Samurai" (2007); Renpei Tsukamoto's "Bokutachi to Chuzaisan no 700 nichi senso / Our 700-day War with the Policeman"(2008); and Kenji Uchida's "After School" (2008).

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