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NAOHITO FUJIKI as Chono Profile

Born in 1972, Chiba prefecture.

Filmography: Baby Baby Baby! (Directed by Kazuyuki Morosawa / 2009), Boys Over Flowers: Final (Directed by Yasuharu Ishii / 2008), g@me (Directed by Satoshi Isaka / 2003), Dragon Head (Directed by Joji Iida / 2003), Nurse no Oshigoto: The Movie (Directed by Kazuyuki Morosawa / 2002), Boys Over Flowers (Directed by Yasuyuki Kusuda / 1995)


Chono is a detective stationed at Kabuki-cho Police Precinct. His grandfather (known as Cho-san) was a legendary investigative cop, but Chono is clumsy and lacks the determination of his grandfather. He meets Kanna on an anti-mafia raid in Kabuki-cho. After meeting Kanna he started to question Friend's world but in 2017 he is still working under the Friend Government as an officer at one of the border patrol stations.


NAOHITO FUJIKI as Chono About Chapter Two:

Chono is an incompetent rookie cop. I was apprehensive about playing a rookie as I'm a bit too old but I had no reservations about playing a weak-minded, incompetent character because I often play that type (laughs). Chono gets involved in the historic events revolving around Friend. Until now he has had no reason to question the way things are but when he realises that something's wrong he takes action. I hope that the audience sees his transformation. People tend to accept their circumstances unquestioningly so I think my character represents the viewpoint of ordinary people.

About Chapter Three:

In this movie, Chono is still suspicious of Friend's Government but as he's reluctant to rebel he's still working at a border patrol station. The border patrol station set was an incredibly detailed exterior set, just like the Kabuki-cho set in the second movie. It was satisfying just looking at the set. Chono is still unreliable and his weakness is obvious in the scene with Kenji. Director Tsutsumi gave dimension to my character with his directions. Unlike my character, the character of Kanna developed a lot. Airi Taira who played the part of Kanna has also grown up to be a dependable actor. I was impressed by her performance.

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