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RENJI ISHIBASHI as Inshu ManjomeQuote

To read the whole 20th Century Boys manga, I went to a Manga Cafe for the first time in my life. The 1970s that the film depicts is my time. I was a young and passionate man in those days. It's about my generation. I experienced it real time so I know how people started to feel lost and how things ended up. I'm confident that I can portray a man who lived through that time. The original manga is incredible but I tried not to be restrained by it so I could make my contribution. I did my best so that the audience would think that the movie version expanded even further the potential of the story.


Renji Ishibashi was born in 1941 in Tokyo. He was active on the stage throughout the 70s. He was a member of Yukio Ninagawa's Gendaijin Gekijo(Modern People's Theater) and Sakurasha(Cherry Company). Ishibashi then founded his own theater company Dainana Byoto(The 7th Hospital Ward). He's frequently seen on TV and in movies.

RENJI ISHIBASHI as Inshu ManjomeRenji Ishibashi's other film appearances include, Yukihiko Tsutsumi's "Trick" (2002); Mika Ninagawa's "Sakuran" (2007); Yasuo Furuhata's "Tsukigami / The Haunted Samurai" (2007); Tomoyuki Takimoto's "Hannin ni Tsugu / To the Abductor" (2007); and Hideo Nakata's "L change the WorLd" (2008)

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RENJI ISHIBASHI as Inshu Manjome