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SHIRO SANO as Yanbo and Mabo Profile

Born in 1955, Shimane prefecture.

Filmography: Amalfi (Directed by Hiroshi Nishitani / 2009), Nobody to Watch Over Me (Directed by Ryoichi Kimizuka / 2009), Kitaro and the Millennium Curse (Directed by Katsuhide Motoki / 2008), The Glorious Team Batista (Directed by Yoshihiro Nakamura / 2008), United Red Army (Directed by Koji Wakamatsu / 2007)


The twins who terrorised the Secret Base gang as kids. Once they're adults Friend employs them to develop a robot that walks. In 2017 Mabo is the Science and Technology Minister.

SHIRO SANO as Yanbo and Mabo Interview

About Chapter Three:

It was an opportunity to do things I normally can't do. I played both twin brothers and as they're fat I had to have a makeover. With the approval of Ishiduka (who is also...fat) I felt assured. The only difference in Yanbo and Mabo's appearances is where they separate their hair. But I played them differently. Yanbo was more arrogant while Mabo was sly. I grew up on Toho Monster movies so this was a very special movie for me to take part in. I felt so honoured. I felt a burning desire to pass on the movie's message to the next generation!

1999, 2006 Naoki Urasawa, Studio Nuts, Shogakukan 2008-2009 “20th Century Boys” Film Partners 2008-2010 4Digital Media

SHIRO SANO as Yanbo and