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TAKASHI UKAJI as Mon-chanProfile

Takashi Ukaji was born in Tokyo in 1962. After becoming the actor Bunta Sugawara's assistant, the singer/actor/director Akihiro Miwa noticed Ukaji's talent which led to a career in stage acting. Since then he's acted on TV, in movies, on the stage and provided voices for animated productions.

Takashi Ukaji's other film appearances include, Atsushi Muroga's "Score" (1996); Masayuki Susuki's "GTO-Great Teacher Onizuka" (1999); Ikuo Kamon's "Eiko" (2003); Takuji Kitamura's "Chikin Deka / Chicken Cop" (2004); Toshio Lee's "Otosan no Bakkudoroppu / Backdrop Del Mio Papa" (2004); and Takahiro Imamura's "Hokuto no ken / Fist of the North Star: New Savior Legend" (Voice Artist) (2007)


Mon-chan, or Masaaki Shimon, is one of the Secret Base gang. He joined Kenji to stop the Bloody New Year's Eve conspiracy. Later he fell terminally ill but continued to investigate the secret of Friend alone. By 2002 he has valuable information and finds out about the existence of The New Book of Prophecies.


TAKASHI UKAJI as Mon-chanOne thing about the character of Mon-chan is that he remains calm and unagitated, although he understands the heavy implication of their situation. He was like that in the original manga, too. People in the wardrobe and makeup departments did their best to make me look like Mon-chan. So I figured that my role was to explore the internal aspects of the character. It became our mission to be as truthful as possible to the original manga, and it was really fun when we got it right. I held a gun just the way Mon-chan did in the manga down to the finger positions. And everyone on the set went wild, screaming "It's just like in the manga!"

About Chapter Two:

In this chapter, my character Mon-chan has an illness. Probably each person has a different way to relate to his/her life, but I think that the journey of life gets dramatically defined when one faces death. When the Secret Base friends unite to fight it's due to the critical nature of their circumstances. Mon-chan's illness makes him realise that time is short so he decides to live his life to the fullest. As a result of this he comes very close to the centre of the mystery that surrounds Friend through his investigation. I'd be happy if the audience looked at my performance and saw my character's will to defy death.


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