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YUSUKE SANTAMARIA as Sadakiyo Profile

Born in 1971, Oita prefecture.

Filmography: Shonen Meriken Sakku (Directed by Kankuro Kudo / 2009), Donju (Directed by Hideaki Hosono / 2009), Kisaragi (Directed by Yuichi Sato / 2007), Sakai-ke no Shiawase (Directed by Mipo Oh / 2006), Negotiator Mashita Masayoshi (Directed by Katsuyuki Motohiro / 2005), Bayside Shakedown series (Directed by Katsuyuki Motohiro), Doppelganger (Directed by Kiyoshi Kurosawa / 2002), Between Calmness and Passion (Directed by Isao Nakae / 2001)


Sadakyo, or Kiyoshi Sada is the new English substitute teacher at Kanna's high school. He was one of Kenji's old classmates. As a child he was always bullied and wore a mask.


About Chapter Two:

Sadakito is a very sad man. He was bullied as a child and he feels oppressed as an adult, too. He works as a school teacher but still believes in UFO's and cherishes a robot toy from his childhood. I guess he's immature. But he's also protective of his students and I wanted to emphasise that side of him, too. I felt sad playing this character, so it was very helpful to talk to Airi Taira who played Kanna and Haruka Kinami who played Kyoko Koizumi between takes for a change of pace.


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