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The Adventures of Scooter the Penguin

Scooter is a unique little penguin with a special hidden talent. But he has nobody…until he meets a welcoming pair of young penguins who bring him into their family.
It’s discovered that Scooter has phenomenal swimming speed, which is due to the fact that he’s from a mysterious lost tribe of penguins. But this places him in the centre of attention, a position that makes him even lonelier. The rival school in the next village has a champion.....

The Amityville Asylum

Lisa Templeton begins a new job as a cleaner at High Hopes Hospital, a mental institution in Amityville, Long Island. Initially delighted to get the job, Lisa soon realises that all is not as it seems. Intimidated by staff and the psychotic ramblings of the patients, she is further unnerved by apparent supernatural occurrences on the night shift.

To preserve her sanity, Lisa must uncover the mysterious history of the institution and.....

The Amityville Playhouse

Following the tragic death of her parents, Fawn Harriman had counted herself lucky the day she inherited a disused playhouse in the small town of Amityville. With her sights set on a new life in the theatre, she invites a group of friends to join her there for a weekend adventure that will ultimately lead them into the terrifying clutches of an ancient pact between the mysterious locals and a malignant presence from the very bowels of hell. As t.....

The Amityville Terror

The Jacobsen family moves into an aged house in the town of Amityville. Almost immediately they witness strange occurrences and begin seeing terrifying images around the house. The local townspeople also have a secret and soon the Jacobsen’s are battling with an evil spirit in the house and the malicious locals who want them silenced. The curse of Amityville is back.


The Arsenal Big Match

Back in the days of power cuts and perms, the only way football fans could see the stars of the day on TV was through programmes like Saturday night’s Match of the Day and The Big Match on Sunday afternoon.

The glorious double-winning Arsenal side of 1971 were the pride of London during a period dominated by mutton chop sideburns and muddy pitches, with club legends like John Radford, Ray Kennedy and George Armstrong firing the shots.....

The Aston Villa Big Match

Back in the days of power cuts and perms, the only way football fans could see the stars of the day on TV was through programmes like Saturday night’s Match of the Day and The Big Match on Sunday afternoon.

The 1970s and early 1980s were a fairy tale for Aston Villa, who began the period in Division Three but then won two promotions, the League title, two League Cups and the European Cup. The Aston Villa Big Match features a number .....

The Captains: A Journey Through Time (Special Edition)

This special edition collection brings together four films that provide an insight into the unique journey of one of the most ground breaking Sci-fi TV series of all time – Star Trek tm

The Captains
The Captains boldly goes where no man has gone before, giving viewers a behind-the- scenes look at one of the most durable and profitable franchises in history and the men and women who made Star Trek an international phenomenon.

The Caretaker

As a wave of vampirism sweeps the world, Annie and Guy, who have taken a road trip in a last-ditch attempt to save their relationship, find themselves part of a discordant group holed up in a decrepit country mansion.
In an uneasy pact, the group agrees to protect a vampire during daylight hours. In return, he guarantees their safety from marauding vampires at night. Manipulation, deceit and betrayal within the group threaten the fragile a.....

The Cellar

The Cellar tracks how one man's creative frustration formed a need to make the perfect horror film. Stanley Farmer was rejected universally by the film world. His frustration provoked a darker side and soon cunning, guile, devilish charm and a sociopath's streak compelled him to produce a home-made magnum opus. A film that blurs the lines between reality and fiction and demands the attention of the very world that spurned him......

The Christmas Foal

Matt Hanlon has one responsibility... get his kids to Aunt Tess's house by Christmas Day or his wife will be more than crazy mad at him. No big deal because he has three days to get there and it's only an 800 mile drive. What he didn't count on was getting lost and ending up having to rely on the kindness of Bonnie Kate, a 70 something cowgirl protector of a hidden herd of wild horses.

Matt and the kids learn that one of the oldest .....

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