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Best of the Best - The Complete Collection ( Blu-ray )

The 4 film true cult classic series released for the first time on Blu-ray.

Best of the Best
Alex Grady (Eric Roberts), an Oregon welder and widowed father of a five-year-old son is chosen for the US National Karate Team. He finds himself in the company of Travis Brickley (Chris Penn), an urban cowboy with an attitude and a host of other off beat characters and their coach Frank Kouzo (James Earl Jones), a hardened veteran o.....

Best of the Best 2 ( Blu-ray )

A classic sequel to the brilliant original. Alex Grady (Eric Roberts) is a martial arts champion who, along with Tommy Lee (Phillip Rhee), is seeking revenge for the death of his friend Travis (Chris Penn). He finds out that Travis has gotten involved in a secret, high-priced, gambling event in which fighters go to the bloody extremes, attempting to become the champ. This is another breath taking action film that is punctuated with the fight scen.....


The complete collection of the Best of the Best series of martial art films. This box set includes the Best of the Best 1 and 2 - the classic films starring Eric Roberts. For the first time to dvd in the UK this box set also includes Best of the Best 3 and 4. Best of the Best 3 For the first time on DVD, Best Of The Best 3 continues the series of Blood Sports.Karate, the ancient martial art and modern international sport is a contest of body, min.....

Big Fat Gypsy Gangster

A fast moving, star studded, roller coaster ride of violence, madness and mayhem in this gritty British crime film. Bulla is the 'Big Fat Gypsy Gangster, ‘labeled ‘the most dangerous man in Britain’.

After serving sixteen years at her majesty’s pleasure Bulla is out on the streets again, but things start to go wrong from the moment he steps out when he finds out he’s lost everything on the outside world. Fleeced by the same corrup.....

Bitten - Season 1

Elena Michaels is torn between two lives: the human life she was born into… ...and the werewolf life she was bitten into.

Elena wants the same things most twenty-five year old women want: a stable home, a loving family, and a meaningful relationship with a sensual partner. But unlike most women, she’ll never get these things, because her life is a little more complicated than most – being the world’s only female werewolf.

Blackfoot Trail

Urbanite boyfriend and girlfriend Alex (Jeff Roop) and Jenn (Missy Peregrym) head to the Canadian wild for a romantic getaway. Having visited the woods several times in his life, an overconfident Alex shuns bringing a map or mobile phone and is determined to veer away from the hiking trails into the true wilderness along the secluded Blackfoot Trail.

His blind ambition grows stronger when a cocky intruder (Eric Balfour) insinuates A.....

Blood Cabin

A group of friends take a trip to a remote cabin for their summer vacation. All they want to do is relax and party in this idyllic surrounding. However they picked the wrong cabin in the wrong woods! Their partying attracts the attention of a local neighbour, a sick and twisted psychotic killer who claims the cabin as his own. One by one the friends disappear as they are attacked and slaughtered by this homicidal maniac.

What starte.....


Produced by the legendary ROGER CORMAN. Kickboxing champion Don "The Dragon" Wilson stars in Bloodfist.In time-honored fashion, Wilson arrives in Manila to investigate his brother's murder. There he stumbles upon a sinister secret society which thrives on illegal kickboxing tournaments and ends up in the ring himself, literally fighting for his life. Also starring BILLY BLANKS,creator of Tae Bo......

Blues Guitar for Dummies

Want to play the blues? Then follow these fun and accessible lessons into the world of blues guitar. Here, you find out how to play blues scales, chords, progressions, licks, and much more. Now you can sound like the masters themselves by discovering the variety of sounds, feels, emotions, and passions behind the blues. The lessons on this DVD are easy to navigate. Plus, you can play alongside your own private instructor

Discover how.....

Body Snatchers

After receiving horrific news that she has terminal cancer, Valerie leaves her doctor's office with her sister, Melissa. While driving home together, their car suddenly stops and they are engulfed in a blinding light. Valerie blacks out and when she awakens, her sister has disappeared without a trace.

Months later, Melissa is still missing, but Valerie's cancer has completely disappeared, much to the disbelief of her doctor. With th.....

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