Tragically, on January 22, 2008, another name was added to the list of movie stars who have passed away before reaching their thirtieth birthdays. His name was Heathcliff Andrew Ledger. The old saying that ‘the flame that burns twice as bright burns twice as fast’ is perhaps twice as true in Hollywood. The world of show business is full of shining stars who have briefly illuminated the stage and screen before leaving us too soon. The names of actors like James Dean, River Phoenix and musicians such as Kurt Cobain and Jeff Buckley have passed into mythology – their talent and beauty immortalized in the music and movies they left behind. Heath Ledger: A Tribute honors the myriad of movie majesty bequeathed to an audience including the controversial and critically acclaimed portrayal of a troubled rancher, and the anarchic display of maniacal genius in The Dark Knight. Hear personal accounts of Heath’s views on the lime light and industry accolades, along with testimonials of his brilliance from Christian Bale, Aaron Eckhart and many more.

”Heath’s death shocked everybody. It’s a tragic accident and a terrible loss to the industry.” - Morgan Freeman

Genre: Documentary / Special Interest

Extras: Batman

The Dark Knight


Ledger’s Ladies

The Lost Boys

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