This 2DVD set contains individual programmes of four of London’s most notorious gangsters: Dave Courtney, Joe Pyle, Tony Lambrianou and Freddie Foreman. Dave Courtney, sets the record straight by describing what really goes on in Gangland in the UK. “You don’t earn anything in this life unless it hurts you” Dave Courtney.Joe Pyle enjoyed links with some of the worlds most respected criminals such as Bruce Reynolds, Ronnie Biggs, Dave Courtney and the Krays. Pyle reveals for the first time, gruesome stories that have given him his awesome reputation and explains how he became involved with the fearsome Nash Brothers.Tony Lambrianou re-lives his past and describes in detail his upbringing in London's tough East-End with London's most notorious gang, headed by Ronnie and Reggie Kray. Lamrianou confesses to some of the most terrifying crimes imaginable and describes in detail how he and the Krays gained their solid reputation.Freddie Foreman can evoke feelings of both respect and fear into the heart of any man. He made his first appearance at the Old Bailey at the tender age of 16 and never looked back. From his South London manor, Fred planned and executed some of the most audacious robberies and crimes!

Genre: Crime

Starring: Dave Courtney,Joe Pyle,Tony Lambrianou,Freddie Foreman

Audio Format: Dolby Digital