Hell to Pay" is a modern reworking of Cane and Abel, set in London's infamous underworld. Dave (Dave Courtney) and Larry (Billy Murray) are brothers who jointly run a prominent London "firm". The film opens with Larry trying to cover his tracks after he has "knocked" a rival gang boss, for 100,000 of drug money. This is the catalyst for a dramatic chain of events that will lead to double-cross, murder, and ultimately full scale war between the brothers. Larry, a devious schemer, sees the drug trade as a lucrative way forward for the firm, despite his brother's protests, and when Dave, who is forced to kill Murphy to protect Larry, is arrested for murder, Larry takes the opportunity to set himself up as drug baron.

With an improvisational narrative structure and a raw-edged stylistic approach, "Hell to Pay" has the uncomfortable feel of a fly on the wall documentary as it chronicles the sometimes chilling, sometimes routine events that typify the distinctly British gangster lifestyle.Punctuated by naturalistic performances and an earthy, ironic humour. The movie has a pungent air of authenticity, bolstered by the fact that many of the principles are living the real life experience of the world their characters inhabit. Genuine gangster icons Dave Courtney, Joey Pyle, "Pretty Boy" Roy Shaw, and Tony Lambrianou, all long-time associates of the Krays, ensure that the situations and dialogues ring true, by drawing on their personal knowledge.

Genre: Crime / Action

Director: Roberto Gomez Martin

Starring: Dave Courtney,Billy Murray,Nicholas Bateman,Dave Legeno,Garry Bushell,Joanne Guest

Extras: Rogues Gallery Part 1.Rogues Gallery Part 2.Dave Courtney Audio Commentary.Outtakes.Police Raid Dave's Striptease.Deleted Scenes.

An Audience With Dave Courtney.

Audio Format: Dolby Digital