“Probably the most graphic gore film ever released in the UK” ***** GoreZone

Filmmakers have found a secret recipe that will make gorehounds drool! Meat Grinder serves up a sumptuous feast of murder, dismemberment, and cannibalism in this proud member of the "torture porn" sub-genre. Destined for cult status, the over-the-top gorefest stars Mai as a deranged woman who runs a noodle stall and is hearing voices in her head all the time.

When she finds a dying man in her stall one night, she gets the idea to chop him up, and grind the body parts into meatballs as ingredients for her noodle soup. It turns out to be a popular dish, and as the stall gets more and more business, she must find a steady supply of fresh human meat to feed her customers...

Genre: Horror

Original Title: Cheuuat Gaawn Chim

Director: Tiwa Moeithaisong

Starring: Mai Charouenpura, Rattanabunlhung Thosawad, Duangta Toongkamanee

Extras: Original Trailer
Making of Documentary

Audio Format: Dolby Digital
Audio Language(s): Thai
Subtitle Language(s): English