From the writer of ‘The Long Good Friday’

Election Night 1979: Margaret Thatcher is about to come into power. A young black man is held on suspicion of murdering his pregnant wife. Officers Karn and Wilby, racist to the core and high on the prospect of a Conservative Party victory, try to lure the suspect into a quick confession. But the night has just begun...

Callous humiliation gives way to a barrage of sinister violence. As morning approaches the police desperately resort to physical and mental torture, all leading to a devastating conclusion.

Written by Barrie Keefe, who was behind the British classic The Long Good Friday, SUS is an emotionally charged and incredibly tense crime drama that serves as a powerful outcry against past institutional racism. But in the age of counter-terrorism SUS also begs the question: has history caught up with us?

Genre: Drama

Director: Robert Heath

Starring: Rafe Spall, Clint Dyer, Ralph Brown

Extras: Theatrical trailer
Deleted Scene: Delroy taunted by DC Karn
Behind the Scenes: The Making of SUS
Short Film: Ice Cool Reception, Directed by Robert Heath, Starring Clint Dyer and Katy Cavanagh

Audio Format: Stereo and 5.1
Audio Language(s): English