Kaiji Ito (Tatsuya Fujiwara - Death Note/Battle Royale) moves to Japan after graduating from high school. Unable to find a job and frustrated with society at large, Kaiji spends his days gambling, vandalising cars, and drinking booze. Two years later and his life no better, a debt collector named Endo arrives to collect money. The debt collector then offers two choices to Kaiji: spend 10 years paying off his loan or board a gambling boat for one night to repay his debt and possibly make a whole lot more. Meanwhile, the unscrupulous Endo is actually conning Kaiji, believing he won't come back from his voyage. Kaiji is then up for the night of his life……

Genre: Action

Original Title: Kaiji: Jinsei Gyakuten Gêmu

Director: Tôya Satô

Starring: Tatsuya Fujiwara, Kenichi Matsuyama, Teruyuki Kagawa, Taro Yamamoto

Extras: Original Japanese Trailer
Making of Documentary

Audio Format: Dolby Digital
Audio Language(s): Japanese
Subtitle Language(s): English