An epic samurai period adventure tale of hidden gold bullion and a princess on the run

Makabe Rokurota, the loyal retainer of Princess Yuki-hime of Akizuki, is moving the Princess and the prefecture's ample treasury of gold bars safely to the politically stable Hayakawa area. They disguise themselves as humble firewood peddlers, hiding the gold bars inside the logs they are carrying, so as to pass safely through roadblocks, which are under the control of the local warlord.

Along the way, Rokurota comes across Takezo and Shimpachi, who have escaped from forced labour in a gold mine. They eventually agree to help out on this foolhardy mission in the hope of escaping Yamana's oppression and cashing in on the gold reward Rokurota offers them.

Genre: Action

Original Title: Kakushi toride no san akunin - The last princess

Director: Shinji Higuchi

Starring: Jun Matsumoto, Kippei Shiina, Masami Nagasawa

Audio Format: Dolby Digital
Audio Language(s): Japanese
Subtitle Language(s): English