“Larry Blamire is the mad genius of z-feature pastiche ... his lovingly-crafted films are beyond dreadful by intention, and yet consistently fresh, entertaining and astonishing.” – KIM NEWMAN

Jerranium 90. A little rock that made all the papers. What didn't make the papers is that the main source of this newly-discovered element is buried deep within the Amazon and everybody wants it, including evil scientist Dr. Ellamy Royne and a host of equally disreputable characters. So when federal agent Reet Pappin is sent on a mission, vital to national security, to find Dr. Paul Armstrong--now a bitter alcoholic disenchanted with science--he may have his work cut out for him! Especially when joined by Armstrong’s loyal wife Betty and the mind control-susceptible twin brother of the late Dr. Roger Fleming, who is carrying a familiar sinister skull belonging to none other than the Lost Skeleton of Cadavra himself!

As the parties converge on the dreaded Valley of the Monsters, other familiar faces begin to pop up, as well as a variety of monsters and an ancient race known as the Cantaloupe People, led by their haughty queen, Chinfa. Who will get what they want? And who will not get it? Larry Blamire brings his own hysterical brand of adventure to life in this sequel to the mega-cult hit The Lost Skeleton Of Cadavra! The Lost Skeleton Returns Again is a perfect tongue-in-cheek celebration of the adventure/horror serials of yesteryear presented in the majesty of SuperSkeletoRama!

Genre: Comedy

Director: Larry Blamire

Starring: H.M. Wynant, Frank Dietz, Christine Romeo, Brian Howe, Fay Masterson, Larry Blamire, Jennifer Blaire, Daniel Roebuck

Extras: The full feature in colour
Cast And Crew Audio Commentary
A Behind-The-Scenes Look at The Lost Skeleton Returns Again

Audio Format: 2.0 Stereo Dolby Digital
Audio Language(s): English