Sean & Dan are two DJ’s with a one-hit-wonder past. Thanks to a remix by another DJ, they scored a second hit with the same song two years late - but that was three years ago. Now the money has run out… and so has time. If they don’t find a new source of income they’ll lose everything. Thanks to the Internet, they discover a recipe for making quick money … that involves dealing with some of the club scene’s nastiest characters. They embark on a tour like no other, clubs, drugs, guns and lots of music.

But, just as they think they’ve got away with the deal that will end their troubles, things take an unexpected turn……

Genre: Crime / Action

Director: Dan Peters, Andre Renner, Sean J. Vincent, Ricki Wilde

Starring: Sean J. Vincent, Dan Peters, Victoria Hopkins, Tony Hadley, Ricki Wilde

Extras: Interview with Director
Making of
Bloopers reel
Two trailers

Audio Format: 2.0 Dolby Digital
Audio Language(s): English