Because 11-year-old Rosalie has always been 'strange’ her ornery father hires lovely Alicianne to be Rosalie's governess in their big, gloomy house. Rosalie blames daddy and the neighbours for the death of her mentally ill mommy, so she sends her cemetery pals out to kill, starting with the little old lady next door whose face they rip off. As Rosalie and her zombies escalate their attacks, Alicianne and Len, Rosalie's older brother, flee for their lives and hole up in a shack as the graveyard ghouls stage a full-scale assault.Released by exploitation king Harry Novak and sprinkled with juicy gore, The Child is an atmospheric cross between 'Night of the Living Dead' and 'Carrie' byway of 'The Bad Seed' and an unnerving creature feature that reminds us just what little monsters kids can be.

Genre: Horror

Director: Robert Voskanian Harry Novak

Starring: Laurel Barnett

Audio Format: Dolby Digital [5.1]
Audio Language(s): English