In a not too distant future, the world's population has been restricted to walled-in cities, in the interest of preserving the surrounding wilderness from imminent catastrophe. The only ones allowed out are high-ranking politicians and corporate bigwigs, and of course their heavily militarized escorts. For ordinary folks, contact with "nature" comes only through high-tech simulators.

Paul is an ace at the vivid, virtual-reality hunting games, but his heart hungers for the real thing, the chance to hunt live game in the true outdoors. A politician friend can arrange a furtive visit to the wild: but thanks to a top-secret experiment gone awry, Paul and his friends will have to put their real killing skills to far greater tests than expected!

Genre: Horror / Science Fiction

Director: Eric Bilodeau

Starring: Patrice LeBlanc, Patrick Baby, Marie-Ève Lemire

Audio Format: 2.0 Stereo Dolby Digital