The stage is set for terror when a new management team takes over a famous western theme park and film studio and transform their annual Halloween Fright Fest into a spectacular horror event for the tourists billed as "a truly horrifying descent into hell," The climax of opening night is a thrilling excursion into the town’s “Lost Dutchman’s Cave," which goes deep into the bowels of the earth, but a couple of park hands enter the cave and stumble upon an ancient burial urn which they accidentally break causing a horrific chain of events to take place and hell opens it’s gates!

Cowboys & Vampires is a dark humoured Vampire/Horror film that also pays homage to the Old West and a generation that believed in John Wayne instead of Freddy Krueger

Genre: Horror / Action

Director: Douglas Myers

Starring: Angélica Celaya, Clint James, J. Lyle Johnson

Audio Format: 2.0 Stereo Dolby Digital