Have you always dreamt of playing the guitar? No problem! With these hands-on guitar instructions, you learn all the fundamental techniques you need to know to start playing your first songs. The lessons on this DVD are easy to navigate. Plus, as an added benefit, you can go through them as many times as you want.

Discover how to:
Understand the parts of your guitar
Fret and strum properly
Tune your guitar
Understand tablature
Play chords and rhythm
Play fingerstyle
Play barre chords and power chords
Play popular songs by world-known artists including: House of the Rising Sun, Layla, Losing My Religion, Imagine, and more!

About the Instructor: Arlen Roth is considered 'the guitarist's guitarist' by music lovers everywhere. In his 35-year career, not only has he toured with Simon & Garfunkel, but he has also taught guitar players around the world. Roth created Hot Licks Videos and today is an online instructor for Gibson Guitar.
Playing the guitar just got easier!

Genre: Special Interest

Director: Dennis Kroborg, Claus Frandsen

Starring: Arlen Roth

Audio Format: 2.0 Stereo Dolby Digital