Back in the days of power cuts and perms, the only way football fans could see the stars of the day on TV was through programmes like Saturday night’s Match of the Day and The Big Match on Sunday afternoon.

Chelsea in the 1970s were known as the King’s Road cavaliers as the swagger of Peter Osgood, Alan Hudson and Charlie Cooke went hand-in-hand with the flamboyant fashions of the day. They also had hard man Ron Harris to beef things up when they got difficult. The Chelsea Big Match features a number of great games from the 1970s and early 1980s, including an impressive 4-0 demolition of Everton in 1972 and a thrilling 5-3 victory over Ipswich Town in 1978.
This DVD relives an era which has taken on legendary status

Genre: Sport / Special Interest

Audio Format: Dolby Digital 2.0