In Season Six, Amy and Ty continue as a couple, but the weight of the “almost-proposal” takes its toll with touching and humorous results, until the midpoint of the season, in a pair of episodes (609 and 610) that will enthral and delight fans of the series. Lou and Peter’s new home turns into a renovation nightmare which results in a tragic and near fatal situation. Jack’s European vacation did not work out as well as he leads Lisa to believe, and a newcomer, an 11-year-old runaway by the name of Georgie, becomes a new fixture at the Heartland Ranch. Of course, horses are always an important part of the episodes as Heartland is first and foremost a horse ranch.

Genre: Drama / Family

Director: Various

Starring: Amber Marshall, Michelle Morgan, Shaun Johnston, Graham Wardle, Chris Potter, Jessica Amlee

Extras: Behind-The-Scenes Featurettes including extensive interviews with the cast and crew.
Celebrating 100 episodes of Heartland, including original audition footage from the very first season

Audio Format: 2.0 Stereo and 5.1 Surround