One man, Isaac, leaves his old, seedy, gangster-filled lifestyle to start over with his family. After he re-locates to Los Angeles, it isn't long before the world of crime that he tried to escape finds him. Threatened by a dangerously temperamental gangster, his criminal cousin and a drug lord, Issac finds getting a fresh start almost impossible. As those close to him fall victim to the promises of quick money by the way of the gun, violence surrounds him until he has no choice but to confront it. He'll do whatever it takes to keep those close to him safe, even if it means going back to his old ways.

Genre: Crime / Action / Thriller

Director: Ellie Kanner

Starring: Edward Furlong, James Caan, Jonathan Lipnicki, Steven Bauer, Paul Sorvino, Oded Fehr

Audio Format: Audio 5.1 and Stereo