An historical epic about the end of the old Pagan world in Europe. Set in the historic Dark Ages PAGAN QUEEN is a fantasy that recreates the pagan culture and rituals in convincing and memorable fashion. Libuse, the Slavic mythological queen of 8th century Bohemia was gifted with supernatural powers, a visionary and a seer. In a turbulent time of cultural change Libuse envisioned the modern city of Prague and ruled over her tribes with gentle wisdom during the magical times before Christianity and scripture, which are remembered only in myths and legends.

THE PAGAN QUEEN recreates the pre-Christian time period of The Dark Ages
where ancient wisdom and beliefs could, not only determine the course of history but destroy great nations.

Genre: Drama / Action

Director: Constantin Werner

Starring: Winter Ave Zoli, Csaba Lucas, Lea Mornar

Audio Format: 2.0 Stereo