This dramatic war thriller follows soldier Jack Farmer (Luke Moran) from small town America to Iraq's most infamous prison, Abu Ghraib, where he's tasked with guarding the Army's highest priority detainees. Pressured by his superior (Sean Astin) into using harsh techniques on a seemingly innocent detainee (Omid Abtahi, Argo), the seductive allure of war quickly turns to a haunting reality that threatens to break him. Also stars Sarah Paxton (Aquamarine), Michael Welch (Twilight saga) and John Heard ( Home Alone).

Based on the true events that shocked the world in 2004

Genre: Drama / Thriller / Action

Director: Luke Moran

Starring: Sean Astin, Luke Moran, Sara Paxton, John Heard, Omid Abtahi

Audio Format: 2.0 Stereo