A brave scientist, has been studying thousands of cases related to alien abductions. By placing abductees under hypnosis, he arrives at the unsettling discovery that for thousands of years, a variety of extra-terrestrial races have been installing their active memories in abducted people's brains. These alien races exploit a powerful source of energy that only humans have: the SOUL.

When he decides to help an attractive eighteen-year-old girl who believes she has been abducted, he faces a frightening dilemma. Once hypnotized, the girl is unable to leave the trance state, and unwittingly invokes an alien entity and self-proclaimed semi-God from the Mesopotamian age, triggering a thrilling unforeseen flow of events.

Genre: Science Fiction / Horror

Director: Varo Venturi

Starring: Massimo Poggio, Laura Glavan, Marina Kazankova

Audio Format: 2.0 Stereo