Crow is protector of the wood. He's lived there since ruthless developer, Tucker, brutally moved on him and his tribe from the nearby farmstead. Now Tucker wants the wood too, intent on building a mansion – an ego extension of his dynastic ambition for him and his trophy wife, Alicia. Crow will defend it with his life. The battle begins, but Tucker doesn’t realise that he must contend with a boy who has the power of nature behind him. Before the day is done, he will learn the real meaning of terror and see the true cost of the woods destruction.

If you are after something different, Crow is for you” Hollywood News

“Blending Wicker Man with The Evil Dead” Electric Shadow.

"Creepy and Calming in equal measures” Horror Cult Films

“A captivating story of good versus evil” Cinema Crazed

"An excellent, film that isn’t quite like any other"

Genre: Drama / Horror / Thriller

Director: Wyndham Price

Starring: Nick Moran, Danny Webb, Terence Stamp, Andrew Howard,Elen Rhys

Audio Format: 2.0 Stereo and 5.1 Surround