While vacationing in Alaska with his family, scientist Roger Summers begins investigating bird migrations and stumbles upon several flash-frozen animals in the woods. Confused, Roger confronts reclusive environmentalist Tim Hughes whose warnings of severe global freezing were rebuffed by the scientific community. Roger then convinces Tim to come out of retirement to study the phenomenon. Together, they realise that Timís predictions are happening right now and a flash freezing storm is gaining strength and will soon cover the entire planet. With people freezing to death after being outside for only four minutes, itís up to Roger to save his family, the community, and the world. The clock is ticking and itís dead cold out there.

Genre: Action / Thriller / Science Fiction

Director: John MacCarthy

Starring: Martin Cummins, Steve Bacic, Kirsten Robek, Nick Purcha

Audio Format: 2.0 Stereo and 5.1 Surround