Ron Howard wrote, starred and directed this 1977 riot of a film. It follows the exploits of eloping couple Sam and Paula,on the run from her angry parents who want her to marry rich boy Colin... Having stolen her fathers Rolls Royce they head off to Vegas with a $25000 bounty on their heads and an indignant Colin hot on their heels. When Colinís mother puts a further $25000 up for her sonís safe return and the local radio adds to the frenzy by sending a helicopter to report on the progress; a prolonged road chase ensues with every man and his dog intent on claiming the reward! See the greatest cars in the world destroyed!

Genre: Comedy / Action

Director: Ron Howard

Starring: Nancy Morgan, Ron Howard, Hoke Howell, Rance Howard, Lew Brown

Extras: A Family Affair-Behind-The-Scenes featurette starring Actor/Director Ron Howards father (Rance) and brother(Clint).Grand Theft Auto introduction by Roger Corman.Audio commentary with Ron Howard and Roger Corman.Grand Theft Auto original trailer.

Audio Format: Dolby Digital
Audio Language(s): English