Director Abel Ferrara's (BAD LIEUTENANT) first major feature has an infamous reputation but is actually more of an art film than a straightforward blood letter. Tortured and penniless artist Reno (Ferrara) and his girlfriends Carol (Carolyn Marz) and Pamela (Baybi Day) hang out at their New York loft, enduring such problems as the phone bill, the rent, and a rock band that's always practicing downstairs. When it all becomes too much, Reno grabs his drill and runs through the city on all-night rampages. Eventually, Carol moves out, Reno's paintings don't sell, and things just get worse. Shot on gritty 16mm, THE DRILLER KILLER has a distinctly 1970s New York underground artistic quality that makes it seem like a cross between TAXI DRIVER and ANDY WARHOL'S TRASH (with drilling).

Genre: Horror

Director: Abel Ferrara

Starring: Jimmy Laine / Carolyn Marz / Babi Day / Bob DeFrank / Peter Yellen

Extras: Chapter SelectionAudio Commentary by Abel Ferrara, recorded at the Chelsea Hotel, 19.5.1999TrailerDirector Filmography

Audio Format: Dolby Digital [5.1]
Audio Language(s): English