Presented by Patrick Macnee, this explosive documentary tells the real story of an ancient secret brotherhood, a devastating new weapon of destruction, and a shocking target - the Vatican. The secret Illuminati does indeed exist...

For the first time, the truth is exposed behind the horrifying plan for world domination. Does the Illuminati have the power to take control of the world? Is the Vatican in grave danger? Are there even more targets around the world? Have devastating weapons been positioned to cause catastrophic results? Could the unthinkable scenario actually happen? Is it happening already? These fantastic revelations will shock you!

Genre: Documentary / Special Interest

Original Title: Angels and Demons Revealed

Extras: Unlocking Da Vinci's Code ( 60 Mins )

This fascinating documentary dives into the murky historical waters stirred by Dan Brown's blockbuster novel 'The Da Vinci Code'. With 'Avengers' star Patrick McNee serving as host, the producers interview a series of art critics and historians, shedding light on the legacy linking Jesus Christ, Mary Magdalene, and Renaissance artist Leonardo da Vinci. The programme delves into the symbolism some experts say is encoded into such masterpieces as the Last Supper and Mona Lisa revealing the greatest mysteries of our time and greatest stories of our past

Audio Format: Dolby Digital
Audio Language(s): English