Genre: Action

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Two Headed Shark Attack

A small, remote island paradise becomes a terrifyingly isolated tropical nightmare as a group of bikini-clad lovelies, including tabloid favourites CARMEN ELECTRA and BROOKE HOGAN - find themselves at the mercy of a 4 tonne mutant TWO-HEADED SHARK with an unquenchable hunger for human flesh! As the island begins to flood, the girls must race against time to escape the twin jaws of death in this fin-tastic mix of action, monsters and gorgeous girl.....


Once in every generation, two female Warriors must travel across a post-apocalyptic land ruled by the malevolent Falonex Empire, to a mystical stone circle where they must fight a ritual duel with Sacred Swords. If the two Warriors are of equal skill, they will fulfill an ancient Prophecy, unite their people in revolution, and fight for their freedom against the overwhelming forces of the Falonex Empire.

The time has come once again.....

White Lion

A white lion cub named Letsatsi is cast from his pride and is forced to survive on his own. After many perilous adventures young Letsati befriends Nkulu, an older lion who teaches him how to survive in the harsh African wilderness. With Nkulu's help, Letsatsi grows from a young and naive lion cub into a magnificent adult. But before he can take over his rightful place as the REAL lion king, Letsatsi must face his greatest challenge - a trophy hun.....

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